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When you or a loved one chooses a Blue Harbor Senior Living community, you become part of a larger family. We focus on providing a warm and caring home that caters to the individual needs of each resident.
Enjoy resort-style accommodations and senior living apartments with a compassionate, dedicated team, the companionship of like-minded residents in a variety of social activities, and daily activities to nourish mind, body and spirit.

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Tailored Preferences

Each of our residents has unique life experiences, preferences and routines. Our personalized services make our residents feel at home by attending to those personal preferences. We dwell on the details--whether a resident has a favorite lotion, needs help with pet care, or loves shopping trips to the mall. Our team makes sure each resident receives the attention and service they deserve.

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Does Being Grateful Improve Your Health?

A daily gratitude practice can help us year-round. In this edition of the True Blue blog, let’s take a look at how daily gratitude can actually help your health!

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Self care

Holiday Stress! 5 Self-Care tips for Caregivers

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, including caregivers. As caregivers, we’re often putting others’ needs before our own, which can lead to feelings of burnout or fatigue. As the saying goes, “you can’t give from an empty well.” In fact, when caregivers give to themselves, they can do their jobs best! This holiday season, how can you practice self-care?

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5 Ways to Make Friends as Older Adults

Friendship is one of the most healing parts of being alive! As we grow older and our lives change, it can feel more difficult to maintain and create friendships. Read on for tips about how to foster friendship as we age!

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A Trip Back Home

We love to create WOW! Moments for our residents! On our blog, read all about our lovely trip back home with the amazing Kirkwood resident, Janet!

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Transition Comfortably

Bridges™ Program

Some seniors have been diagnosed with memory disorders like Alzheimer's, but severe symptoms might not yet be present. Our unique Bridges Program helps residents acclimate to the community and focus on the activities they can do. As symptoms progress, we'll tailor the activities so their transition is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

This innovative program promotes engagement with a small group of friends in shared activities—like reminiscing, cooking, music appreciation, celebrations, pet therapy and more. Bridges provides a gentle transition into our memory care program: Illuminations.

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